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Artist in Museum Yokohama Off Site 2008 in Yokohama Museum of Art

 EXHIBITION - Thai Bridal Training Project in Yokohama -
Exhibition at the end of the residency period: 7(sat).Feb. - 1(sun)March.2009
Organized by: Yokohama Museum of Art(Yokohama Arts Foundation), Sotetsu Agency.inc,Mitsubishi Estate Building Management Consortium
Supported by:Graduate School of Film and New Media Tokyo University of the Arts
Venue: Art Gallery2 Yokohama Museum of Art
「AIMY + NAP blog」: www.yaf.or.jp/yma/exhibition/2006/artgallery/01_AIM/blog/


Views of the exhibition:interview,2008

【Wedding Gifts】
Thai wedding gifts (gifts for wedding guests) are generally given in pairs. 

Nu, the manager at a restaurant on the basement of Queen's Tower (a skyscraper), and  Phuraa, a student of a Japanese language school, told me that people like to receive soap for wedding gifts.  Both of them are from Udon Thani.  So I made a wedding gift by combining a pair of noses (hana, nose in Japanese) back and forth with flowers (hana, flower in Japanese) on top of it.  So I made them in pairs not only physically but also in the language.


Kate, a student of a Japanese language school who is from Changmai, said she would be especially happy to receive sugar with cute pictures drawn on it, because it symbolizes the sweet life.  So I made a wedding gift with cute pictures.

Jack, an engineer working at a manufacturer who is a Chinese Thai from Bangkok, taught me he often received chopsticks for wedding gifts combining the customs of Thai and Chinese.  So I made a wedding gift out of chopsticks firmly tied with threads of two different colors so that they won't part.

 【A New House Design - good smell houses - 】

Wakaba-cho is popular among many Thai people who were not able to receive sufficient school education live in.  A middle aged Thai man who works there says Thai men like to smell clean.  He also says when someone says "don't do it," they tend to feel like doing it.

【A New House Design - Banana House - 】

 Kao, a house wife who has lived in Yokohama for 30 years, told me planting a banana tree in the yard of the new house would bring prosperity to the house. 

Views of the exhibition:Installation 2009
All photos by Kenji Otani

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