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120th Anniversary of Japan-Thailand Diplomatic Relations 2007

- The Border and Machiawase -

Name of the Program: The Border,Machiawase
Organized by: Art Commemoration Day Executive Committee
Financial Support: 120th Anniversary of Japan-Thailand Diplomatic Relations 2007,
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
Venue: April.2007: Kawaguchi Art Gallery ATLIA, Saitama, Japan, Oct-Dec.2007: Sukhothai,Chiang Mai,Thailand;
Content of this project: A public program was performed within the space of installation to promote communication between Japanese and Thai children.  Kawaguchi city is unique because it is home to a lot of foreign people, and one in every 30 is a foreigner, especially people of Asian origins.  But communication between foreign and local people is limited because of the negative influence of the nightlife areas.  So I planned and performed an art program inspired by the characteristics and possibilities of Kawaguchi.


Left: Instllation, photo by Kenji Otani / Light: public program, photo by Mako Igarashi
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In Sukhothai,Chang Mai,Bangkok in Thailand

Collaboration with thai children: I went to Sukhothai,Chang Mai and Bangkok by long distance buses. And I met about 100 children whom waited there. They wrote message on a piece of cloth. after that, I sewed and connected all those characters by my hand. This activity footholds for project of 2007.

photo by Kenji Otani


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